There was a time when content filtering was just about blocking inappropriate content. Times have changed. Today web filters need to provide safe, fast access to valuable educational resources and connections. The Lightspeed Systems Web Filter provides safe access without overblocking for today’s 21st-century learning environments.

Filter Bypass Tools: What Schools Need to Know About Oct 05, 2017 How to bypass Light speed systems extentions - YouTube Sep 19, 2016

How to Get the Most out of Your Lightspeed Systems Web

Lightspeed Systems Content Database. Our Content Database consists of more than 1 billion domains, IPs, and URLs combined, sorted into categories configured for education. In addition to built-in categories, you can create local categories and redirection rules for built-in or local categories. Learn more about our Database here.

How to bypass Light speed systems extentions - YouTube

Mar 29, 2019 LightSpeed Systems Incorporates New Options for Filtering Sep 28, 2017