Jul 25, 2020

Understanding China's Political System China’s Communist Party dominates state and society in China, is committed to maintaining a permanent monopoly on power, and is intolerant of those who question its right to rule. Nonetheless, analysts consider China’s political system to be neither monolithic nor rigidly hierarchical. Gov.cn: The Chinese Central Government's Official Web Portal Presidency. State Council. Central Military Commission. Supreme People's Court. Supreme People's Procuratorate. Central Leadership. Local Leadership. State Structure of the People’s Republic of China

Promoting a Fair and Sustainable Welfare System in China

Despite the concentration of power in the Communist party, the central government's control over the provinces and local governments is limited, and they are often able to act with relative impunity in many areas. China began to build a modern legal system in the late 1970s, after opening itself economically to the rest of the world. How China cornered the facial recognition surveillance Dec 09, 2019 China Economy: Facts, Effect on U.S. Economy

Understanding China's Political System

EDUCATION IN CHINA - OECD overview of how China’s education system is organised and operates, and how reforms, both past and current, have reshaped education in China over time. The report then examines in greater detail education in the four economies within China that participated in PISA 2015. It provides the context in which China’s participation in PISA – and its World Report 2019: China | Human Rights Watch China’s estimated 12 million Roman Catholics are divided between an underground community that pledges allegiance to the Pope and a government-run association where bishops are state appointed. China: Government >> globalEDGE: Your source for Global