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No, but in time I would recommend it. Many smart TV’s update, the smart app’s but there are still problems. My brother had a Vizio smart TV and at first it worked great, but as time went on it had growing issues (particularly with Amazon) but Netf Jul 14, 2010 · The addition of a MicroSD card is best suited to those Roku owners who either have, or intend to have, installed a large number of channels and/or games onto their Roku player. Anyone who does not use their Roku player for gaming, or who has only a small number of channels actually installed from the large choice of channels available to watch Jan 02, 2019 · How many MBPS do I need for Roku? Smart question, and it’s not super easy to get an answer. The absolute minimum you need is 512 kilobits, but Netflix recommends a minimum of 1.5 megabits. For DVD-quality video, you need 3 megabits per screen that’s watching simultaneously. HD video, needs 5 megabits. Why Comcast's new Roku app fee will infuriate you. Commentary: Comcast will let customers get TV service on additional sets without a set-top box -- but it'll probably charge them for it.

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If your Roku keeps buffering and you can't stream video effectively, there are a few ways you can fix it. Here's how. Should You Buy a Roku Box or a New Smart TV?

Even if your TV doesn’t do 4K now, you could just get the Roku Premiere+ for the same cost, and that does support 4K. So, that eliminates the Streaming Stick. If you need headphones in the remote for private listening, go with the Roku Ultra. If you need an Ethernet port (i.e., you don’t have WiFi), go with the Roku …

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