The default option uses the same VPN domain used for site-to-site VPN for the gateway. For most setups you can use the default here. If you require a separate Remote Access VPN domain, click Set and put in the network or group you wish to use. For this example we will use the default setting.

ipsec vpn ports? - Cisco Community Hi, I will make a site to site vpn betweeen two asa firewalls. But I have a adsl modem in front of the firewall so I need to make nat for these ports which are used by vpn. so what are these ports ? which ports should I make nat for vpn ? thanks Solved: 7210 behind Checkpoint firewall not doing UDP4500 Oct 11, 2019 Solved: McAfee Support Community - How do I allow WMI

We tunnel our MX100 to a Checkpoint. I don't have control over the Checkpoint side but I remember them saying they had to make sure the subnets matched. On your side reference Security Appliance>Site to Site VPN and check what you have specified as the 'Private Subnets' and compare that to the Checkpoint Side.

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Checkpoint to FortiGate Has Anyone, Ever been able to get a successful site-to-site VPN between Any Checkpoint to Any FortiGate on Any Code??? We' ve got a Checkpoing NG R60 HA Cluster trying to connect to a FortiGate 200A on 3.0 code. Failed Upgrade to R70 Troubleshooting VPN issues in Site to Site: Page 11 Failed Upgrade to R70 After upgrading previous version of Check Point gateway/SmartCenter to R70 and above, several manually