I understand you need Xbox Live to play games, chat, and download apps, but it's simply unacceptable to get booted off Netflix because you sign in from another console. I WILL NOT be renewing my Xbox Live Gold when it runs out, and will continue to enjoy my Enterprise Windows 7/8.1/10 on all our PC's. Up vote (0)

Supported Regions Netflix is available on Xbox 360 in all regions that have both Netflix and Xbox Live service.. Navigation Scroll up and down to browse through genres tailored specifically for you. Press Y to search for a specific title. If you have the Xbox Kinect with your Xbox 360, say "Xbox" to see a list of voice commands. Resolution Stream movies up to 720p. Do I have to have Xbox Live to watch Netflix? | AnswersDrive No you do not need a Xbox gold account to watch Netflix. You do need a account connected to the internet but as long as your account is at least silver and you are connected to the internet you can watch Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and all the other apps as well. Is Netflix free on Xbox Live Gold membership? | AnswersDrive Nov 21, 2019 Do you need to have xbox live to use Netflix - Answers

May 19, 2013

Dec 26, 2015 · Thirdly, you would need an Xbox 360 live account. Fourthly, you require a high speed internet access for streaming the content from Netflix. Fifthly, you must have a sufficient storage space on your Xbox 360 console. At least 75 MB of storage space would be sufficient. Finally, you need to have a valid and up-to-date subscription with Netflix. May 13, 2014 · In a move that bucks the standard set by Microsoft itself back in 2005, both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will drop the requirement for an Xbox Live paid membership to access services like Netflix, Jun 15, 2012 · Noooooo!! you DON'T need the Xbox Live service to watch movies from Netflix on your computer.. The Xbox Live Subscription is only needed if you wanna watch that movies on your TV through your Xbox 360 Console.. Because to use the Netflix App for Xbox, Microsoft forces you to have a Xbox Live Gold subscription.. But is not required on your

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Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other services will be open to May 13, 2014 Netflix - Watch TV Shows Online, Watch Movies Online