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The only way to find out why the account is locked and how to unlock it is to call PayPal. You can reach them at 1-888-221-1161. When you call, please ask to speak to someone in the Resolution Department and have the following information ready so they can confirm that you own the account… Solved: paypal account is blocked - PayPal Community Hi Dear. my account is permently blockedi did not do any thing wrong i just use to sale on ebayi start on to sale on ebay since 2010 but i dont have any companybut from where is buy the goods they offer me paypal account..very fist month i sale the goods 400 euros.but they give me very less profit on my hardwork but slowly i made my on contact with suppleirs to provide me the goods as Banned from PayPal! And "she" doesn't know why - Elliott Almost immediately she noticed that PayPal had limited her account. She could not access any of her newly deposited funds. “I called. PayPal told me that I would know why in 24 hours,” Howard recalled. “Now Paypal locked my account for 180 days. And they won’t reopen it.” Similar tales of locked PayPal … I’ve been temporarily locked from my PayPal account. Will

Why has my account been locked and how to regain access?

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Banks, Paypal, and other financial institutions cannot use your VPN because it has encryption keys which the banks don’t understand. Your VPN will not communicate with the bank what-so-ever. THIS is good reason to lock your account although that d

2015-7-7 · Why you should never, ever use Paypal Published on July 7, 2015 July 7, 2015 • 24 Likes • 37 Comments My paypal account is "locked " nice try scammers - DVD