Facebook has never been particularly good at prioritizing your privacy. Your data powers its business, after all. But recent revelations that a firm called Cambridge Analytica harvested the

May 17, 2020 · In 2017, Facebook introduced a privacy setting that lets users delete facial recognition data the company has collected and opt out of any systems that use the technology. Mar 24, 2018 · Those privacy issues are now front and center. Facebook's loose handling of how its data was acquired by app developers has plunged the company into the biggest crisis of its 14-year existence. Apr 30, 2019 · In February 2018, Facebook was found guilty in German and Belgian courts of violating privacy laws. Later in the same month, Facebook claimed a bug led to engagement notifications being texted to

Jun 29, 2016 · In fact, I am on Facebook, but with an account with zero friends and privacy settings ramped up to max in every way allowable (I also have a TV, but only for use with a PS4. So sue me).

(Newser) - Facebook is getting another dose of bad headlines in regard to privacy, amid revelations that the company has been storing data about Android users' phone calls and text messages.

Jun 04, 2012 · The fact is that Facebook members own the intellectual property (IP) that is uploaded to the social network, but depending on their privacy and applications settings, users grant the social

Apr 03, 2018 · Whether Facebook’s actions will be enough to satisfy all constituents — including a passel of congressional reps — that it has plugged its privacy holes and is a good corporate citizen Apr 19, 2018 · Information across Facebook Products and devices: We connect information about your activities on different Facebook Products and devices to provide a more tailored and consistent experience on all Facebook Products that you use, wherever you use them. For example, we can suggest that you join a group on Facebook that includes people you follow Feb 18, 2020 · Today, Facebook is more than just a place to stay in touch with friends. It's also a hotbed for developers. A Facebook account can serve as the hub for countless other apps and websites. Using your Facebook account to sign Apr 11, 2018 · Now a dozen consumer and privacy groups in the United States have accused Facebook of deceptively rolling out expanded uses of the technology without clearly explaining it to users or obtaining Facebook’s privacy concept is based on an understanding that stresses self-regulation and on an individualistic understanding of privacy. The theoretical analysis of the political economy of