Jul 25, 2020 · Here I Describe, App Lock with Dialer Pad,How to Hide Your Photos,Videos,Apps,File in Call Dialerpad,Android App Lock, In this video you see a awsome feature of your android mobile,that is you

Lock your private apps on Windows 10! The aforementioned software should do well enough for your app locking needs and they should make sure that no one is able to access your private information or work in different apps and software. As an alternative, you can even use Windows 10 parental control but if you are looking to lock apps on your App Lock lays over WhatsApp and prevents it from being operated. A stranger is unable to send a message or read other messages without a PIN, pattern, or your fingerprint. Unfortunately, App Lock Norton App Lock. Price: Free. Norton is a big name when it comes to antivirus apps. As it turns out, they also provide a free app lock app. It uses a four digit PIN, password, or pattern as its Norton App Lock by Symantec is a useful tool for protecting applications and private files stored on your device. Norton App Lock is free to download and supports Android 4.1 and up. You can restrict access to all apps or choose specific apps to lock:

LOCX App Lock is one of the best apps on Android, which helps you secure your apps, secret photos, videos, messages. As good security features have been provided in this app, as well as various beautiful lock screens have been provided to make it look good, which provides an excellent experience while operating the mobile.

Parental control apps allow you to limit how much time your child spends online, restrict access to certain apps or websites, and keep track of where your child is. There are a number of different Developer Ryan Petrich extends its potential by adding the ability to lock apps, settings, and switches on your iPhone using Touch ID. The BioLockdown was born to serve such purpose. Just like AppLocker, you can use your fingerprint to secure any applications on your iOS device. Without it, the app will remain locked. Maybe you want to lock your financial apps when you give away your Mac for repairing. Or maybe you want to lock your FTP apps so other users don't mess up your website files. Using AppCrypt To Lock Apps On a Mac. AppCrypt ($29.99) is a premium app for Mac that allows you to block both apps as well as websites on your machine. Advantages of using a Free App Lock . Free App Lock is a dream come true for developers who can now back up, encrypt and decrypt files at once rather than get separate software tools for these tasks.; In addition to EXE files, you can unlock and lock media players, games, social networks, and internet browsers with this free software.; To operate this software, you should simply right-click

Lock Apps With a Guest Account. To enable the guest account, simply follow these steps: Launch the Settings app or navigate your way to the device settings. Look for Users & Accounts or any option that will let you configure the local accounts for your device. Depending on your phone model, you may find options such as user, multiple users, or guest.

Last but not least, we have the AppLocker | Lock Apps by BGNmobi. Similar to the rest, this app will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern or fingerprint. The AppLock can lock various apps including Social Media apps, Messaging apps, Gallery, Contacts, System apps, Settings and any app you want. Oct 26, 2015 · This Android app has been designed by LEO Network Technology to help you lock your apps, photos, sensitive personal information and videos. LEO Privacy Guard will provide you three different ways to ensure privacy, namely Dot/Pattern Lock, Passcode and Touch ID that will recognize your fingerprint.